Who are we?

SurfaceSpectra is a distinguished team of experts in surface analysis with extensive experience in both the theoretical considerations and practical applications of surface analysis, and a wealth of knowledge to share with you…

John VickermanProfessor John Vickerman has over 40 years research experience in the development and exploitation of surface analysis techniques. He and his group at Manchester (previously UMIST) have made particularly important contributions to the emergence of static secondary ion mass spectrometry (SSIMS) as one of the most powerful methods for the characterisation of the surface chemistry of materials. Early work demonstrated conclusively on model systems and later on complex materials, that SSIMS is a true surface mass spectrometry. From the UMIST group emerged the CSMA Limited, the first contract analytical company based on static SIMS. CSMA merged with CERAM in 2008 and is now Lucideon.

In recent years Professor Vickerman’s group have developed the technique to enable analysis of auto exhaust catalysts, reactions on ice mimics of polar stratospheric clouds and as a chemical microscope to probe biological cell chemistry.

David BriggsProfessor David Briggs established the first industrial surface analysis laboratory in the UK in 1973 and, during his 27 year career with ICI was responsible for numerous pioneering developments in both XPS and static SIMS instrumentation and their application to materials development. His group was particularly associated with polymer surface characterisation. In 1979 he founded the international journal ‘Surface and Interface Analysis‘ and remained editor-in-chief until 2000.

David became Professor of Surface Chemical Analysis at the University of Nottingham in February 2000, a joint appointment with the Schools of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chemistry and Mechanical, Materials & Manufacturing Engineering & Management.

David passed away in January 2018 after prolonged fight against cancer. An obituary can be found here.

Alex HendersonDr Alex Henderson has some 30 years research experience in surface analysis. Coming from a chemistry background he holds a PhD in the ‘XPS of Small Metallic Particles’ and worked for a time in an applications lab analysing XPS samples for industry. He is an honorary lecturer on the University of Manchester’s Cheminformatics MSc course lecturing in ‘Programming and Database Design’. Alex is an active member of the Standard Data Transfer Working Party, set up to develop a new file format for ToF-SIMS.

Alex’s skills in IT together with first-hand experience of commercial analysis combine to produce new computational approaches to SIMS, XPS and other areas. Alex is responsible for much of the day-to-day running of SurfaceSpectra.

See also http://alexhenderson.info/

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