Static SIMS Library


Editors: John C. Vickerman, David Briggs, Alex Henderson
[ISBN 0-9537848-6-X]

Static SIMS Library

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The most comprehensive collection of Static SIMS data currently available.
Expert spectral interpretation and a Peak Search Tool to help you find solutions to your problems!

The SurfaceSpectra Static SIMS Library builds on previous editions and extends the coverage to more than 1000 materials. Over 1900 spectra – positive and negative ion – most from high resolution ToF instruments have been contributed from 26 very experienced laboratories worldwide. All the spectra are accessible at the mass resolution and dynamic range with which they were acquired.

The materials are classified into areas of technological usage to make finding the data you are looking for easier. If the material you need is not present, a chemically similar material may be.

For single component materials, the spectra have been interpreted and chemical structures suggested for significant peaks. These are presented in a concise, print-ready layout.

The Peak Search Tool quickly identifies spectra with specific peaks that you select. The algorithm allows discrimination between significant peaks and those of lower intensity, helping to overcome the ‘peak at every mass’ problem. A tutorial is available to lead you through the process.

For off-line use, spectra are presented with a single page pre-formatted layout where significant portions of the spectra have been selected by our experts for maximum impact. If you require a different view of the spectrum, it can be printed at the touch of a button.

What’s new in version 4…?

  • 200 new materials taking the total to over 1000
  • Additional material categories including Antistatics, Dyes and Nucleic acids
  • Sort materials database by CAS Registry number, molecular weight etc.
  • Spectral zoom action upgraded and mouse-wheel functionality added
  • Export into 10 image formats
  • Peak Search Tool now highlights molecular ion peak hits and is upgraded to prevent false-positives
  • HTML on-line help with Peak Search Tool tutorial
  • more…

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