A brief history of SurfaceSpectra

The precursor of the Static SIMS Library was the Handbook of Static Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry produced by David Briggs, Alan Brown and John Vickerman and published by Wiley in 1989. This book provided standard quadrupole SSIMS spectra of some 77 materials. Over the years many have attested to the value of this very limited database. In June 1996 the ‘Core Volume’ of the Library was published as two loose-leaf volumes by Wiley. This contained spectra from 320 materials assembled from 13 laboratories world-wide by the Editorial Team: John Vickerman, David Briggs and Alex Henderson. In parallel, an electronic form of the Library was prepared and which was released in 1997.

At the end of 1996 John Wiley & Sons made a corporate decision to withdraw from the loose-leaf database publication market and consequently The Static SIMS Library is no longer published by Wiley. This has provided an exciting opportunity to develop the Library in a more focused fashion for the benefit of the surface analysis community. SurfaceSpectra has been established to publish and expand the Library. All rights to the data and publication media were transferred to SurfaceSpectra as of June 1, 1997.

SurfaceSpectra went on to publish a considerably enhanced Core volume of the Library containing spectra from 400 materials in 1997-98. This was available in two forms – a two volume printed loose-leaf publication and a CD ROM.

In April 1999 the first ‘Update’ of the Library was released. This took the form of spectra from over 100 new materials. In addition 29 of the original materials had revised spectra provided, emphasising the advances made in instrumentation and data analysis in recent years. This updated edition of the Library was made available in both printed and electronic forms.

2002 saw the release of version 3 of the Library as a CD-only product. All the information in the original printed version was transferred to CD in order to maximise the searching and indexing powers available in electronic media. The Library was expanded by a further 300 materials bringing the total to just over 800.

More information on the Static SIMS Library is available here.

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