Customised Software Design

SurfaceSpectra offer a software design service to surface analysis laboratories and instrument manufacturers. Anything from small routines that automate peak area measurement, to more demanding packages required to control a spectrometer.


Typical functionality can include;

  • File format conversion
  • Image manipulation
  • Standalone data viewers
  • Customised search routines
  • Automated peak area measurement
  • Isotope pattern calculation
  • Spectral data management systems
  • Dynamic webpage design incorporating spectral information

Previous software projects include;

  • A control system for Ionoptika – a leading ion gun manufacturer – to assist in their development cycle by allowing accurate control of an ion gun together with a data logging facility to determine its stability over time.
  • Conversion of The Static SIMS Library to unit mass resolution to enable the rapid identification of materials on the Chemical Microscope from Millbrook Instruments and VG Microtech SIMS instruments. The Millbrook Instruments’ version incorporates transmission function characteristics.
  • A data management system for John Wiley & Sons – a leading publishing house – to assist their editors in the collection and co-ordination of papers and referees.

SurfaceSpectra have worked with the proprietary formats of all major SIMS instrument manufacturers and a range of XPS formats.

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