XPS of Polymers Database

Edited by Graham Beamson and David Briggs

[ISBN 0-9537848-4-3]


You will probably be familiar with the book by G. Beamson and D. Briggs entitled “High Resolution XPS of Organic Polymers – The Scienta ESCA300 Database“, published by Wiley in 1992. This popular and successful book went out of print in late 1998, but is still in demand. Over the years that it was available many scientists commented that it would be very useful to have access to the original datafiles which gave rise to the spectra printed in the book. This new product from SurfaceSpectra combines all the printed data (spectra, interpretation, binding energy tables etc) from the original publication (viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader) with the original electronic datafiles in the ISO 14976 (VAMAS) standard data transfer format, Phi MultiPak format and also in ASCII energy-intensity paired files. This will allow the files to be imported into any instrument with compatible datasystem software.

The database contains information from 111 pure polymers run under high energy resolution conditions but with very high signal:noise (widescan, core levels, valence band and some Auger series) together with full traceability of materials, operating conditions, sample preparation etc. All core levels have been consistently curve fitted with full details of the component binding energies/peak parameters and functional group origin provided. The sensitivity of all the polymers to radiation damage under standard conditions is also documented.

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